The sectors in which the Consorzio Mega operates are mainly the realization and the technical organization of urban and environmental hygiene works and activities and the related consulting activity for the protection of the environment and energy recovery, the construction and / or management of centers of collection, transfer of storage and storage, recycling, composting and inerting of waste subjected to the simplified recovery procedures referred to in Legislative Decree 22/1997 and subsequent amendments and additions. Consorzio Mega is today a reality having an average operational dimension, structured through the consortium companies that allow it to develop projects in a short time and with a regional and national market presence able to support activities also in the international field. The associated companies add to the services provided a managerial structure able to face complex initiatives with a high “added value”.  Consorzio Mega can boast a management system and a top-level IT network able to ensure the unitary development of all phases of management, design and provision of services, placing itself as the only responsible contact person for Public and Private Clients.  The will of Consorzio Mega is to satisfy its Customers by understanding their needs and goals as an ever present partner to achieve the desired objectives.